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Renovations by Rosenberg

Why do our clients choose to use our services again?

25 years on the market

Our company has been providing its services for the past 25 years as a family business.

Certification and patents

We specialise in airspray painting while also providing other renovation services.

Specific scheduling

We plan with our clients each stage of the renovation and its details.

Keeping the deadlines

We make sure to complete all the stages withing the scheduling.

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About us

Renovation company from Poland with contracts all over Europe

Are you looking for a renovation company? Rosenberg provides comprehensive renovations throughout Europe. Our services include professional assistance in construction and finishing works. We specialize in renovation of industrial facilities.
What we guarantee

All stages are implemented accordingly to specific scheduling

Professional equipment

While providing services, our employees use certified equippment.


A guarantee for renovation works is optional. However, each client is protected with a warranty.

Implementation stages

We create for our clients schedules that specify how long each stage of the renovation is going to take.


Renovations should improve structures, without constructing any new buliding structures, accordingly to the Civil Code Art. 658.

Technical projects

We plan renovations and negotiate with clients based on technical documentation that we provide.


Maintenance works are considered similarly to renovation works by law.

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Read more about how our company operates and our guidelines.

Are you interested in knowing how much renovation services might cost you or when to plan such a renovation? Here, we answer the most asked questions about our services and renovation works in general.
Yes, we provide free valuation before you decide to use our services. The only condition is the positive positive assesment by our company of a potential client.
Renovation prices differ based on the type of facility you are looking to renovate. The most important factor of valuation is the size of the building and the type of works our company would provide. Other factors include whether the works are done at heights.
We do all sorts of finishing works of industrial facilities, including the replacement of installations. Upon request of the investor, we provide the replacement of heating, gas, water and electric installations. We will familiarise you with all the stages of implementation of such projects during a meeting.
Rosenberg provides renovation services for all types of facilities. In our portfolio, we have experience with small and big industrial buildings, as well as with offices. Contact us and we will answer you in detail about the guidelines of a potential partnership with us regarding the facility you are looking to renovate.
Renovation works usually require good weather conditions. The ideal time to start any renovation work in Poland is from spring to fall. However, all depends on the type of work you would like to get done. In the winter, we provide services that require working inside. Wall painting and plastering are best to be done in spring and summer. Works that can be done independently of the weather are: renovation of industrial flooring, installation of cranes, etc. Contact us for details and we will answe any questions.

We renovate in accordance with craft and Polish norms

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We renovated a fairly new hall (no rust, nor its outbreaks) in the centre of Kielce. Roof covering and elevation were made out of sheet steel. We painted its front elevation and the roof. Completion time was 2 months. The principal…

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